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The Haitian American Leadership Initiative (H.A.L.I.) was founded in 2017. After more than two decades of engagement in his community as a mental health professional, a child advocate, an activist, a former candidate for Florida State Representative, and a community leader, Georges Bossous, Jr. has decided to launch the "Break The Cycle Movement" in order to socio-politically strengthen the Haitian diasporan community. Bossous reached out to friends, colleagues and prominent members of the Haitian community to share the ambitious vision. Many have embraced his ideas and later became co-founders of this great organization. Among the pioneers include, Chief Karls Paul-Nöel, Mr. Bency Alphonse, Dr. Miderge M. Lafleur, Mr. Joseph Felix, Ms. Louise Marjori Paul, and Ms. Karine Champagne. Creating a vital and strong institution to effectively represent and defend the rights and interests of the Haitian community abroad is one of the core values that glues the co-founders and members of H.A.L.I. together.


In 2021, with the support and collaboration of the professionals aforementioned, H.A.L.I. was officially registered and incorporated in the state of Florida.

 "Let's Break the Cycle" was unanimously adopted as the name of the organization's Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC is dedicated to promoting and supporting political leaders who share the values and socio-political agenda of H.A.L.I. including but not limited to: 


  • Employment

  • Health Care

  • Housing

  • Education

  • Social Justice 

  • Environment 

  • Community Development 

  • The United States' policy toward the republic of Haïti



The mission of the Haitian American Leadership Initiative is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economical advancement of all Haitian nationals while eliminating discrimination and ethnic biases. We aim at sensitizing stakeholders and policy makers to the concerns and issues of the Haitian diasporan community while advancing its interest and agenda. We are dedicated to building a stronger, more effective, and more respected Haitian community nationally and internationally.


The vision of the Haitian American Leadership Initiative is to ensure that the rights of every human being is equally protected without discrimination and prejudice based on race and/or ethnicity. 

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