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To My Fellow Compatriots

Greetings and welcome to the Haitian American Leadership Initiative (H.A.L.I.). You are called on to be a steward of hope because of the ideas and ideals that we’ve mutually shared. Like many before us, we have witnessed the never-ending plight of our people. That’s why we need a new kind of approach in order to unroot the yoke of the collective mental enslavement and the undeniable effects of colonialism while securing a better future for the next generation. 


After more than two centuries of history, the calamities of the Haitian people have worsened. Our people have been plunging in a spiral of self-destruction resulting from past and present colonial schemes. After so many years of false beliefs, miseducation, misinformation, misguidance, and lies, the path toward a prosperous future has been profoundly altered. Such a disingenuous and malicious method is so powerful that its sequels could bear some irreparable psychological outcomes.


We are all cognizant of the demise of our people. We have witnessed and lived their inhuman condition with a balm in our heart and a wound in our soul.  Today we must solidify our rank, as the battle to regain the mental freedom of our people would be long and fierce. It will require strong determination and major sacrifices. Nonetheless, this would be our legacy—the powerful story of a cohort of conscientious and determined people.


We are called on to be engaged in this sacred mission because the future and the life of our children depend on it.  Therefore, we must seize this very special moment in our lives to break the vicious cycle and permanently change our world. 


We shall be victorious if and only if we recognize our own reflex due to our devastating past colonial conditioning, as descendants of slaves. This has been a disease created by a well-orchestrated psychological warfare that has plagued us for generations. Should we acknowledge this mere fact, we will self-monitor while holding ourselves and each other accountable toward our self-determination. We will do so, with compassion, understanding, and love for ourselves and each other. Such a deep understanding of who we are, my fellow compatriots, would be the main recipe for our success.


We are called on to take on this sacred mission because our heart and mind have been prepared to lead this new nation that must finally be built. 


That’s why we must step up to the plate, seize this important moment, and make the world a better place for the sake of our suffering and marginalized people. We must be committed, true, relentless, brave, confident, loyal, devoted, and uncompromising in order to break the chain of this infernal mental imprisonment. We will use every sound, effective, and appropriate strategies to attain our goal. We shall succeed because we will not be alone—this, I know for sure. 


Now my dear friends “Let’s Break the Cycle” once and for all.

With honor and respect,



Georges Bossous, Jr.


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