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Bossous Spoke With LE POINT - Tele Metropole - Haiti

Georges Bossous, Jr., the President of the Haitian American Leadership Initiative (H.A.L.I.) sat with "LE POINT," the leading show on Tele Metropole and one of the highest rated shows in Haiti. The interview was led by the Mr. Wendell Theodore on October 4, 2022. Bossous has spoken about the mission of H.A.L.I. and the purpose and objectives of the upcoming conference on Haiti's current security crisis, which will be held on Thursday October 6, 2022 starting at 6:30PM ET.

H.A.L.I. has invited some of the most notable experts to discuss the current security situation in Haiti. In a global conference that will stream live on the major social medium platforms, speakers such as: Dr. Prospère Charles, Former Military Ashley Laraque, Col. Himmler Rébu, Professor. Selena M. Respass, Professor Michael P. Stevens, and Dr. Rosalynde Fenner will offer intelligent, compelling, and enlightening perspectives on the danger of the chaotic climate that is currently prevailing in the country. Chief Karls Paul-Noel, Vice-President of H.A.L.I. and Mrs. Elizabeth Guerin, Journalist and Co-owner of Island TV will moderate the conversation.

This rich exchange of ideas and perspectives is intended to heighten the global community's awareness on the multi prong humanitarian catastrophe that is looming in Haiti. The situation has worsened with the constitutional void created by the assassination, a year ago, of the country’s president, Jovenel Moise. The condition on the ground is turning into complete chaos resulting to increasing inflation, gross incompetence, and irrational economic decisions by the de facto regime in Haiti.

Participants will be able to attend the conference LIVE on Facebook and YouTube.




Click on the link below to listen (in Creole) to the President of H.A.L.I., Mr. Georges Bossous, Jr. on the deadly insecurity situation in Haiti on Voice of America (VOA).

Interview on Twazyèm Mitan - VOA Kreyòl

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