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Haiti is on the Brink on an Unprecedented Political Disaster

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

A Call for Action to all Haitians Living in the United States

Miami—[October 3, 2019]—It is an unprecedented tumultuous time in Haiti. Most of the world has made remarkable improvement, in recent years, including in medicine, technology development, engineering, scientific advancements and discoveries, sustainable economic development just to name a few. While significant progress has been made in most countries around the world, Haiti continues to lack basic infrastructure and Haiti’s citizens continue to lack access to services such as healthcare, electricity and portable water.

Today, Haiti faces tremendous challenges from food scarcity, rampant gang violence, economic uncertainties, absence of proper education, the recent cholera epidemic, environment deterioration, and a widespread system of corruption.

The current economic, political, and social structures in place for the past 33 years have been disastrous. This political system that has been established since the fall of the Duvalier’s dictatorial regime has failed to deliver its promises to the Haitian people. This breakdown in the system has led to the people of Haiti having no trust in the political system let alone their leaders.

It is time to fundamentally and drastically rebuild the economic, political and social structures of Haiti. The time has come to enlarge the scope of leadership by enabling the emergence of a new breed of qualified and competent leaders. It is time for all Haitians, especially the so called “silent majority,” to actively participate in the rebuilding process of this nation.

For over 50 years the Haitian diaspora has been instrumental in the livelihood of the people. Members of the Haitian community abroad have been the only consistent economic and social contributors to their homeland and its people. Furthermore, the Haitian diaspora has always been the main and consistent steward/ defender/ guardian of Haiti’s honor, integrity, and pride. According to World Bank, in the year 2017 the Haitian diaspora funds over 33.6% of Haiti’s yearly economic growth by an estimated $2.4 billion.

The situation in Haiti has reached what might be considered its abyss. The country is on the brink of an unprecedented political disaster with dire consequences. The Haitian diaspora could play a major role in finding a sustainable and long term solution to the political instability in Haiti. It is an opportunity to be more politically engaged and assume additional responsibilities. It would greatly benefit Haiti, when Haitians living abroad fully participate in the democratic process of their homeland.

Though living abroad, the heart of the majority of Haitian Americans is forever linked to their native land. Many of them are living in fear, as their family members are at major risks resulting from the current political unrest and gang violence. Therefore, I call on current and former Haitian elected officials, community leaders, and concerned citizens to take a united stand in favor of Haiti. I invite them to urgently come together in order to formulate a proposal and take actions pertaining to Haiti’s current crisis.  I am prepared to work side by side with current and former leaders to be instrumental in making a real difference in the lives of the Haitian people.

This is our responsibility not only as leaders, but also as concerned citizens. 

Georges Bossous, Jr.

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